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I am a very cool relaxed down to earth person. I dont judge people for what the have or dont, so I expect the same thing. All i ask for is respect and if you can give that then you are ok in my book. I am a very understanding person, pretty much I love to hang out and have a good time. Even if that consist of going to a friends house, playing cards, or watching a movie. Life is simple, so lets live it that way.
HighSchool: Jonesboro High School
College: The Art Institute of Atlanta
Music: I listen to everything except techno........... but I mainly listen to hip hop and r&b.
TV: Sons of Anarchy!!!!!!, The Game, Army Wives, Law and Order(SVU) and CSI(all) oh and Criminal Minds.
Books: I don"t have a favorite book, but yes I do read........
Sports: I love Sports but I really don't know much about them, but I am learning. I like Miami Heat and of course the Hawks for basketball, and the Falcons, and the Giants for football. I don't really watch baseball, and soccer unless it is my cousins recreational teams.
Interests: I love to be around family and friends. I went to Culinary school at the Art Institute of Atlanta so I have a passion for baking and cooking. I like to play pool, go bowling, then there is the southern side of me that like to go to the lake and go fishing or camping. But I will say that I do love movement so I am not sure if I could live in the country.......... but I love it for vacation spots......... so when we going?
Movies: I have lot of those my tops are Brown Sugar, Save the Last Dance, and Love and Basketball. But like I said I like alot of movies..........
BestFeatures: I think that my eyes are my best feature.But you will be the one looking at me , so you tell me.
Dreams: I hope to one day have my own bake shop. I think that I will do that when i retire. But for right now it seems like all I do is work, but I would love to met someone and hang out get to know them and go from there. I am not at all looking for friends with benefits. I am over that phase of my life. I would love to settle down in the next five years and start a family, so I hope the one will come along for me sometime soon.

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