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I am looking for a man, who will become the most important part of my life. I value sincerity in relationship,based on love, trust,understanding and respect. I want to create a stronr family. Reliable, kindhearted, caring, optimistic, age difference doesn't matter at all and I am looking for someone who shares my interests, but can introduce me to something new. I want someone who will support me in my goals and the things I want to achieve in life. My future boyfriend or husband MUST be able to love me I can't handle a guy who isn't strong in who he is and who can accept the fact that I am who I am. I want to be with someone who is stable and who isn't into playing games. I'm a single mom and I don't have time for that.I believe Life is too short to have any regrets, I say just do what you love. I am looking for someone who is up for anything. A person who will try new things and is up for some real fun. Also you must love kids.and i will like to be a mother with my partner someday I am very family orientated. I own my own business for a couple of years now. I work a lot of hours and love my job.
TV: NCIS, One Tree Hill, Redskins Nation, Cash Cab and many more
Sports: Did I say I really enjoy traveling? Visited San Siro - amazing. Felt like a stairmaster exercise! Visited the Tuscany region last fall - wonderful. Aruba, Hawaii, Sedona, Napa are high on the list. Want to see more of the USA.
Movies: The Fast And The Furious, The Longest yard, Waist Deep, 40 Year Old Virgin, The Rookie, 50 First Dates, Big Daddy, The Notebook, Legally Blonde, 8 Mile, And Many More

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